Pan card Application

Pan card Applicaton

Step by step directions to apply for a PAN card in India when applying online

Earlier PAN card could be applied for only through offline methods. That is, a person had to go to a center or an office where the PAN card application form was available. Only from 2012 did the Government start for the provision of online forms.pan card application

The Government finally realized the pain and trouble that the common man had to undergo to collect the application form. There would be long queues where people had to wait for their turn. The entire process has become really simplified now. The fees for applying for a PAN card is a mere Rs 106. With the introduction of the online form now the PAN card can be delivered right at your address without any hassle.

There are many cases in which an individual applies for a PAN card. They are:

  • A new PAN card has to be issued- There are many applicants who apply for the first time. The PAN card can be applied by both Indians as well as non- citizens, but who reside in India
  • In the case when a PAN card gets lost- When a person loses his PAN card he can get a duplicate PAN card issued. It will have the same PAN. There are many people whose PAN card gets stolen. In such cases also he can apply for a duplicate Pan card.
  • When there are changes to be made- It may happen that the PAN card you have received does not have the correct information or there were errors in the application form filled. All the information of an applicant is kept by the Income Tax Department.

The detailed procedure for applying for a PAN card is given below. The process may vary slightly for people of different categories. Yet, the basic steps are all same. There is just a minor difference in filling the form. The steps are

  1.  The first move that a person interested in applying for a PAN card is to go to the website of NSDL. The link for that website is for pan card
  2. The next step is to click on the ‘New PAN – Indian Citizen (Form 49) ‘ from the choice ‘Application type’. The other options are ‘New PAN for Foreign Citizen’ and  changes in existing PAN. This is a mandatory box which has to be filled in from the drop option.
  3. The next mandatory box is the Category. For this as well there will be a drop button which will give you various categories like Individual, association of persons, body of individuals, and few others. Select the category which is relevant for you.
  4. On the same page that you are there is a different section which reads as Applicant Information. This involves adding the Title and filling in your full name. The Date of birth, Email ID and Mobile number have to be filled in next. All these fall in to the Applicant Information section.
  5. Once you click on the submit button they will give you an option of editing the information you have entered. Once you have gone through your details thoroughly you can select confirm. The form is very unambiguous and if there is a long list of guidelines in case you face any troubles. The list of guidelines is pretty comprehensive and do remember to go through them.
  6. A special mention should be made of the ‘AO type’ and ‘Range Number’. There are a number of details which have to be filled in about your profession as well.pan card application form
  7. There is a section where you will have to give your Bank details so that the fees of Rs 106 can be deducted. This where you have pay a little extra attention. Payment can be made through Credit Card or Debit Card. There is an option of making a Demand Draft payable at Mumbai also. Those who make payments through Credit Card or Debit Card will be charged 2% surplus for the application fee of the Bank. You can choose your preferred mode of payment.
  8. After the confirmation an acknowledgment receipt will be generated. This should be kept safely. It is best to save and print this receipt. This is a 15 digit number which is unique to you. This is the number which you can use to track the status of your PAN card application. The acknowledgement also consists of certain other details filled in by you like the address of communication, payment details and details of proof of identity.

We can see how easy it is to apply for a PAN card and this should be done by every responsible citizen of India.

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